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Since our son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with autism we have been active in the Autism community advocating and raising awareness as best we could. A few years ago we heard an alarming statistic that inspired us to do more.

Here it is: The average Caucasian child is diagnosed with autism at 2-3 years of age while the average African-American and Latino child in Urban communities is diagnosed at 6-7. That gap and the delay in receiving early intervention and related services can have a HUGE impact on a child’s life. Gabriel’s Horn exists to obliterate that gap in the next 5 years. Simply put, by 2018 we want to ensure every child is evaluated, diagnosed where appropriate, and receiving the right services as early as possible.

Meet Ahmad and Debra

The brains and heart behind Gabriel’s Horn, Ahmad and Debra are committed to sharing their son’s story to help other families and to advocate for earlier diagnosis in African-American and Hispanic children.

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Ahmad and Deb

This Incredible Superhero Duo

 Is Fighting Relentlessly to Raise Awareness About Autism in Multicultural Communities

About the Foundation

The core idea for Gabriel’s Horn Foundation came when Ahmad and Deb heard the shocking statistic about the discrepancy in age of diagnosis for autism between white children (age 2 or 3) and African American and Hispanic children (ages 6 to 7). Knowing how critical early diagnosis and intervention is, they took action.

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Press Room

Ahmad and Debra Islam are available for interviews, speaking engagements , consulting and other activities on the topic of autism, early intervention, event planning and the disparity in age of diagnosis.  Also available: High quality photos of events, previous press coverage and more.

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