Ahmad Islam
Ahmad IslamFounder
Ahmad is the co-founder and managing partner of commonground. Founded in 2004, with offices in Chicago, Houston and Atlanta, this award-winning marketing agency specializes in bringing the influence of multicultural audiences into successful branding and marketing campaigns. Because of his deep experience with African-American and Hispanic consumers, Ahmad believes that focusing Gabriel’s Horn on where he has the most expertise is the most effective approach to closing the gap in autism awareness and early diagnosis. Ahmad is a tireless organizer and a gifted speaker who makes himself available for the multitude of events that support his mission and passion.
Debra Islam
Debra IslamFounder
Debra’s background lies in early childhood development. Her contacts in the field as well as her understanding of developmental markers is what gave her the tools to dig deep when she suspected her son had a developmental delay or disorder. Her tenacity has put her in touch with experts all over the country, and she, in particular, is the driver behind the ever-popular autism walks and events that Gabriel’s Horn sponsors. Her motto: “Never give up on your child. As a mother you know your child, and if you think something might be wrong, don’t stop until you get the answers you need.”

Our Services

  • Help organize a walk in your community
  • Speak at your next event
  • Provide referrals and resources
  • Partner with your organization
  • Attend an event at your church
  • Train your community group to host a walk for autism
  • Write an Op-Ed to a newspaper
  • Write for your blog
  • Advocate to your legislature
  • Prepare informational materials for your school


Debra and Ahmad have been inspirational to me. I have a daughter with autism, and their public support for autism awareness and education is so helpful to families living with autism.
We have been waiting for a long time for a support community for black and brown people with autism. Thank GOD Debra and Ahmad are making themselves available as public allies for multicultural children with autism.
Debra and Ahmad are beautiful spirits. I no longer feel confused and at a loss about what to do to help my son. Debra’s guidance and her generosity in sharing her story has empowered me to take more informed action on his behalf.

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