Leveraging Our Journey to Help Others

In 2011, Ahmad and I decided to put our hard-won wisdom to work. We were shocked by the statistics that show the gap between age of diagnosis of autism between white children and African-American and Latino children: Ages 2 to 3 for the average white child versus ages 6 to 7 for the average African-American or Latino child, especially those in urban communities. It just so happened that Ahmad’s expertise as a business owner and marketer was directed to the African-American and Latino population. Combined with my knowledge of early childhood development and my experience on the frontlines in navigating help for Gabriel, we knew that we could make a real difference.

The Foundation: Gabriel’s Horn

We named our foundation Gabriel’s Horn. Gabriel was the messenger angel, and who better to get the word out? With Gabriel’s Horn, we have a mission to raise awareness, promote advocacy and support action by ensuring that every child and family affected by autism in underserved communities has access to the right information and services.

Our goal: By 2018, every child with suspected autism or developmental issues is evaluated, diagnosed and begins receiving the right services as early as possible.

It’s a great message, and Gabriel’s Horn is blowing it far and wide.